Obama Girls Start at New School While Dad Readies For His Payday at the White House

It’s an exciting day today in Washington, D.C. People are talking, but today it’s not about the economy, about unemployment and the lack of a payday, about the upcoming inauguration, or about the stock market. No, today is all about Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, Obama starting school today at the exclusive Sidwell Friends School.

Where are the Obamas staying?

The Obamas will spend about 10 days living in one of the luxury suites at the Hay-Adams Hotel, which is just across the street from the White House. The family is expected to stay in one of the hotel’s luxury suites before moving to the Blair House, which is the president’s official guest home, on Jan. 15. Then they move to their home for the next 4 years on Jan. 20. Lots of moving for this young family.

What is the Sidwell Friends School?

The Sidwell Friends School is a Quaker-run school- Chelsea Clinton and the Nixon sisters attended – whose philosophy includes:

Sidwell Friends School is an educational community inspired by the values of the Religious Society of Friends and guided by the Quaker belief in “That of God” in each person. We seek academically talented students of diverse cultural, racial, religious and economic backgrounds.

It seems that the size of your payday doesn’t affect enrollment. Sidwell, by the way, gave the entire student body inauguration day off, so the Obama girls will be able to attend without missing any classes.

Children at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

It’s been a long time since we’ve had young children in the White House. As a matter of fact, this is the first time there will be young children at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since the Kennedy’s. We had the Bush daughters, but they were older when they moved in. We’ve had a child, like Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter, but they were a child, rather than children.

The Kennedy’s

Caroline Kennedy was almost 4, and John Jr., was just an infant, when the Kennedy’s moved in to the Presidential home on February 4, 1961. Prior to that, Americans had not seen young children in the presidential palace in 50 years, since Theodore Roosevelt’s family lived there in the early 1900s.

Other children in the White House

Chelsea, daughter of Bill Clinton, was twelve years old when she moved into the executive mansion. Amy Carter, President Jimmy Carter’s daughter, moved in with her presidential father at the age of nine. Although the Carters had four children, the three older brothers, Jack, Jeff, and Chip, had already left the nest when the Carters moved in.

What images will Obama’s family bring to us?

We all remember the images of John Jr. hiding under his father’s desk in the Oval Office. I look forward to the images we will have of these young Obama girls in the White House. And I’m looking forward to what Barack Obama will do to help each of us bring home a bigger payday.

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